End result these factors, there is often a need of versatile technology, which will enhance your business, manage your Go here along with be effective enough cope with your cost. There are two technologies, which increases the business capability and caliber- Vitria Technology – Provides business process integration products and solutions. The products include- A Web . -based business process management suite, M O, which enable business analysts IT to directly model and managers/ monitor uses it for managing and optimizing different processes.

Business Ware- A platform for general business process integration and business-to-business intergrated ,. The technology also offers software as a service, governance and operational intelligence, exception management, business event management and business process management solutions. Moreover, it also offers professional services, such as advisory services, staff augmentation, accessories. Vitria Technology has released M O Operational Intelligence software Platform v . for real-time analytical and intellectual businesses. It really has been built for the quick use of real-time services; Vitria M O facilitates business leaders to rapidly make informed decisions eventually to capitalize on their business.

M O use cases that include advanced cyber security, SLA management, service assurance, customer experience management and comprehension of hidden business approaches. With X speed increase, M O’s immediate logical engine addresses the hardest CEP troubles, from advanced threat detection in virtual security to reputation management amidst the increasing variety and volume of social media data. M O technology also release truly. , which can handle the data faster, but in addition be evaluate more complex patterns making easy to the quick exposure of new regarding threats and opportunities from volumes of streaming data.

Therefore, M O offers immediate opportunity assessment, behavior-based analysis, statistical trending and scoring- thus, extending the flexibility of equipped intelligence beyond the capabilities of most CEP products. Legacy Migration – For more than Migration offers clients to modernize their applications with a prepared process, which leverages the capabilities which are available from new technologies and reduces risks. Legacy migration technology includes methods to identify the correct solution and approach for the particular legacy application, tools and templates to accelerate the modernization and method to manage the requirements.

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