Garcinia Cambogia- Used For Diverse Reasons Due To Its Amazing Properties

Image associéeThe name Garcinia Camboja is now familiar to lots of people, and this fruit is used in different ways, according to needs. However, still, the origin is not known to most of the users.


Origin of the fruit-


Garcinia Genus is a particular plant family, to which belongs the fruit, Garcinia. GC looks like pumpkin and it was originally grown in various areas of Asia. In the past, the fruit was used only as a type of colorant and cooking ingredients. There is also a story, related to Garcinia. Sir W.J. Hooker went to Sri Lanka in order to know the application of the fruit. All this findings mentioned that CG was once smoked by many people.


The crust of GC is safe to eat and its flavor is a blend of sour and sweet. Inner parts of this fruits as well as its big seeds cannot be eaten. In the present age, the parts of this useful fruit have found its application for a variety of purposes. Although a significant amount of scientific proofs have not been availed till now, many people have started relying on this fruit.

How Garcinia is used for culinary purpose

The peel of the fruit tastes sour because of the existence of some hydroxycitric acid. Due to the sour flavor, you may not eat Garcinia in raw form. That is why many of South Asian people add this fruit for cooking purpose. It’s just like tamarind. You have to remove its peel and then dry it up before applying it for culinary purposes. During cooking, it converts into black color from original golden color. Dried peels are mainly used for adding zest to the curries. You may also include it as one of the items for preparing pickle.

One of the studies, carried out in the year, 2004, showed the ability of the fruit to control metabolism and obesity. Sixty overweight people took part in this trial, and they were split into 2 groups. Various types of methods were used to lose weight, and the results of these groups were observed. In one method, Garcinia was applied. The good news about the fruit is that it led to one percent more reduction of weight. Moreover, the intake of food had also become reduced in case of this specific group. Besides, another research work also suggested that the fruit is also powerful in curing cancer.


Other uses of the fruit

Sap or juice of the tree is utilized to manufacture gum resin. Besides, in the traditional medical field, such as Ayurveda, it is also much applicable. In addition to it, this is also useful for the purpose of painting because of the presence of a special pigment, which was used first in eastern part of Asia.

To conclude, it may be said that GC has lots of useful properties to help human beings. If you can use the fruit in the right way, you may have several benefits for your health and for other purposes.

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