Besides marrying traditions and modernity, BATIK Restaurant and Bar is also

about learning and respecting Indonesian cultures through each of its corner. Batik Restaurant Bar interior is modernly

curated with a deep thought of Batik, traditional fabrication method pass by generation through generation, one of

Indonesian traditional heritage that also acknowledge by UNESCO.

Not only curated the beauty of Indonesia through interiors, Batik also enhances this mission to promote the country’s

rich culinary heritage through its various Indonesian menu choices.

Nasi Campur or Mixed Rice is elevated from an everyday menu throughout the country. Combining unique condiments to

accompanied a-coned white and yellow rice, Batik’s nasi campur definitely offered a generous portion with vary side

dishes, suitable for a big eaters.

Straight to braises, Batik also served you Ikan Pepes, a fresh mahi-mahi fish, marinated in Balinese yellow spices, wrap

with banana leaf and then cooked to perfection. This dish is all time favourite part of Batik, walking back those who have

a plate for another plate.

Another interesting dish to have during your visit to Batik is Rawon sapi. This East Java inspired soup truly thrilling

sensory journey from its black soup made from keluwak, to its very tender beef and radish, presented together with rice as

side dish, sambal, and head bean sprout.

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